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Chrome 47 WebRTC and ssl

Some time ago I wrote this WebRTC peer to peer tutorial. It worked well until 2 weeks ago when I tried some WebRTC testing with the new Chrome version 47. With version 47 it did not longer work. Google declared HTTP support for the getUserMedia functionality as depraceted already some time ago. And now it happened. The node.js signaling server which is part of the tutorial provides the WebRTC application via HTTP and that is not longer supported. This is another example that WebRTC is still under heavy development and that a product developer must follow the change processes carefully.

Starting with version 47 Chrome does not longer support getUserMedia on non ssl Domains. It is not longer possible to access the video and audio from a Web camera in Web applications which are loaded from a non ssl origin. If a page is loaded via HTTP one gets the error:

"getUserMedia() no longer works on insecure origins. To use this feature, you should consider switching your application to a secure origin, such as HTTPS. See for more details."

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